Free calls to Ukraine from Poland

Written by admin on Feb 10, 2018

Written by admin

10 months ago

Call for free to Ukraine from Poland with My Ukraine
Imagine being able to call your siblings in Ukraine just to chat at any hour, for free. Imagine being able to call in Ukraine from Poland where you and your family are staying at on your vacation this summer, for next to nothing. With My Ukraine, it’s easy to make all the international calls to Ukraine you want.

To make free calls to Ukraine from Poland:
Register with us and start using the My Ukraine service.
Download free application on to your smartphone.
Dial Ukraine’s country code, 380 OR +380
Dial the area code and phone number you wish to call
Press the call button

Calling to Ukraine Just Got Easier with My Ukraine
Don’t let restrictive calling plans get in the way of staying in touch with loved ones, friends, and colleagues in Ukraine, no matter if you’re calling Chernihiv or Ivano-Frankivsk. My Ukraine offers cheap and easy international calling plans to Ukraine that will take the hassle out of calls abroad so that you can focus on what really matters.

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