Make Cheap International Calls to the Ukraine Today

Written by Logan I on Mar 3, 2018

Written by Logan I

10 months ago

Call for free to Ukraine from Bahamas with My Ukraine

Maybe you’ve been thinking about family members and friends lately, and wanting to get in touch with contacts who may be living in the Ukraine. You don’t have to be restricted by obsolete phone plans that you find online. With My Ukraine, you can connect with all your connections in the Ukraine, at any time, for cheap. Whether they are living in Mykolaiv or Mariupol, you can make your most important calls without spending too much money by using My Ukraine today.

To make free calls to Ukraine from Bahamas:
Register with us and start using the My Ukraine service.
Download free application on to your smartphone.
Dial Ukraine’s country code, 380 OR +380
Dial the area code and phone number you wish to call
Press the call button

Reconnect with Family and Friends in the Ukraine With My Ukraine

Stay in touch with family back home, or create new connections using our calling plans to the Ukraine. Our cheap phone plans for Ukraine make it easy and reliable to stay in contact with your relations in Ukraine. Calling Ukraine doesn’t have to be expensive and difficult, just switch to My Ukraine and you’ll save time and money.

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